Monday, January 07, 2008

Me Good.

School starts tomorrow... the kids are waaaaayy off the bedtime schedule, just now dropping off at 11:30!

I have completed a herculean task of cleaning up the parent bedroom of the house. Anytime we have guests over, our room takes the brunt of my "cleaning" as I fill laundry baskets full of crap and pile them in a corner of our room. And then there are the craft supplies, and the dead computer with all it's assorted paraphernalia, and the two dead video cameras and the layer of dust that was ungodly. Plus, rolls of art paper we've been moving since Seattle, but never have time to use. And clothes to be mended.... you get the picture.

Well, yesterday I just hit it. I had picked up a big metro shelving unit at an estate sale (great deal) and it has a canvas cover that sort of makes it into a huge beige elephant sized wardrobe. So I basically neatened the piles of crap, discarded some, decanted much of the remainder into stylish Container Store bins, and threw the lot into the wardrobe.

Our room looks like grownups and a big beige elephant live in it. It is wonderful. I didn't realize the floor was so pretty! I also devoted one wall to the kids art. It will hopefully look like an artful collage, like a bigger version of our refrigerator, confined to what's left of the wall behind the elephant, thus drawing the eye away from the beige blob.

Photos tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to come very early for the Genets.

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