Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Emma Did It!

On Saturday, Emma sold ME her 1000th box of cookies (Thin Mints). Since then we've sold 50 more and then stopped. YIPPEE! It was a wonderful relief to hit that super milestone.

Other news, my boss came over and gave us some excellent guidance about adding onto the house. Now instead of 50 variables about how to add some square footage, we are using his expertise and experience to narrow it down to one, very workable plan! YIPPEE! I slept like a baby that night.

I've got a handle on the kids' summer camps, need to sign up for those.

And on a sad note, a mom at our school and her teenage daughter were involved in a terrible wreck this weekend. And a high school age former student at BW was killed in the wreck But watching the Bryker Woods machine spring into action to support those families was amazing. Life can change in an instant, hug your kids extra hard every day.

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Christi said...

WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!! Go, Emma and Emma's Mom. That's wonderful. You should be supremely proud.