Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls Night Out

OK, so this post is called Girls Night Out, referring to tonight, but the post is going to backtrack about 24 hours.

First off, I'll say that Thursday night is my favorite time of the week. On weeks that I take Friday off, it is the beginning of my "golden day" when my weekend starts, and a full day before my family's weekend starts. Yippee..

So last night, I watched the Democratic debate and I was so proud that 1) it was at UT, 2) it was in Austin, and 3) Barack AND Hillary did so well that I could vote for either one. I was so proud to be a Democrat and eager to get to work getting the country back on track.

Then today, I went and early voted for Obama!

Did chores, but the house was my own so that was OK.

Then this evening had a girls' night out and saw our friend Luis and his beautiful artwork which will be at City Hall for the next year.

Then, of course some margaritas....

Then, the Obama rally at the capital with many thousands of my fellow Austinites....

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