Sunday, July 20, 2008

perfect product - perfect day

I've always planned to write posts about my favorite products. You can consider this part one in a two part series. The series will examine products I feel are practically perfect in every way.

The first is the Sharpie Pen.

The Sharpie Pen is a perfect product. When a Sharpie is fresh, it gives the most satisfying really black, wet line. It is just the right pointy-ness for my writing needs. Hold it one way and it is fine, another and it is bold. It's permanence is what gives stability to an ever changing world.

You should always ALWAYS carry a Sharpie pen in your purse, pocket and car.


Because you just never know......

When you will really need the Sharpie Pen in your purse.

Actually, the clever reader will realize that I had pre-meditated enough to carry a 2004 campaign shirt in my purse. But the chance meeting was pure serendipity.

I had a delightful lunch with my Godmother on Thursday. Knowing I probably missed the rally, I decided to drive by Brush Park to see the Obama campaign bus I'd heard would be in town that day. When I got there, a handful of guys were breaking down tables, podiums and stage. I chatted with one of them about how the rally had gone, and he mentioned Howard Dean was still in the tour bus and would likely be out shortly. So, fresh Sharpie in hand, I waited him out.

And I finally met him, chatted briefly, and got my shirt signed. I wish I had a camera, but you can't carry everything with you. (I have a lame old cell phone, perhaps it's time to upgrade to a camera phone!)

Besides that fun experience, I had lunch with four different, dear friends over the last ten days or so. And the evening after meeting the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee I had a delightful night out with three very cool ladies, margaritas, Mexican food, laughs and a walk in the park on a breezy Texas night.

What a life.

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Julie said...

I used to carry my Sharpie in my purse, until it disappeared at cousin camp (maybe I should have Sharpie'd my name on my pen?). Guess I need to scrounge up another one.