Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google heaven

OK. What did I do before Google?

These days, I'll be brushing my teeth and I'll think about some dumb show I saw as a child. I have to stop what I'm doing, head to the computer and play the game of deciding how to word my search to find an image or blog or list about the very show I remembered. The Telezonia image above was a real find. After conferring with my sister, we realized my earlier posting, talking about Reddy Kilowatt riding the power lines to my house, in an old school film, from my elementary school days, was wrong.

It wasn't Reddy! It was a freaky marionette puppet who rode the PHONE lines from Telezonia right to my own phone! The same puppeteer made a movie for Bell about sharing party lines, and then another weird one involving a goat. I remembered seeing all of them! They were all produced in the 40's which tells you that if only the party line hadn't gone out of fashion, Fort Worth Independant School District might still be showing them today. That show was thirty years old when I saw it. That means West Handley kids today might be watching films from the mid 70's.

Perhaps they see movies about the strange and wonderful hippies on LSD trips. That would dovetail nicely with the freaky marionettes! Or about UNIVAC computers that can divide four digit numbers! Or about the wonders of walking on the moon (OK, that still seems wonderful). Anyway, my point being, it is possible my education was seriously compromised in 1970 with outdated information. And now my old, memory-impaired brain is cluttered with images of freaky puppets, phone party lines, Reddy Kilowatt, and Luno the magic horse statue that turns into a real flying horse.

No wonder I can't remember my kids' birthdates, the names of almost every adult I meet, and obligations right and left.

Thank heaven for Google --I'll always be able to look the forgotten stuff up.

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