Tuesday, September 27, 2005

she'll always have a date to a sci-fi convention

Poor Emma, she took after Daddy. We have suspected for a while, and recently confirmed, that she inherited the gene responsible for love of science fiction. She is actually showing signs of being a full-bore girl-geek. She has always liked Star Wars, asking many questions about plot nuances, but that just puts you on the first plane of nerdiness... there were other signs along the way, other shows, other questions, and David and I would look at each other over her head..

Then came Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, which we rented last weekend. She LOVES it, CRAVES it. So David dug around in his old books and found the two companion books (I of course can't remember the names of them, although the last one is something like Thanks for All the Fish) So that is what she is reading right now. I flipped through the one she's reading and it is hardcore sci-fi (to me).

David and I joked that she will always have the geek date locked up just in case the good looks ever give out.

If it turns out any of my kids have the gene enabling them to watch British Comedy like David does, I'm going to have to take action. That's just too much.


Julie said...

Okay - I have to admit I loved the Hitchikers trilogy (and have them here someplace). And lots of other Sci Fi stuff. But you are correct - if your kids start loving British comedies they DID NOT come from our genes.

Jim W said...

Hey, if you didn't get the British comedy gene, it's your loss. I'll bet your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries...