Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rainy days at West Handley Elementary c. 1970

This is a website I stumbled across trying to find old cartoons from my formative years at West Handley Elementary. I wonder if they have the one about the little boy who earns a dollar and goes to town and spends it. The film follows the dollar around to the storekeeper, the farmer, and all the other people in our chain of interdependance.

I saw that they had "Duck and Cover" which helped us in Fort Worth to get ready for the next tornado which was right around the corner.

I'm wondering if the Drivers Ed films are the ones I saw, with the day that everything went wrong: hood of car flies up while you drive, kid runs into street in front of you, no brakes, all of which I am trained for, should they occur.

I don't see the Reddy Kilowatt show that has him dancing on the high voltage lines right to my own living room Hi Fi Stereo.

I also don't see my favorite Disney produced series "I'm No Fool". Where the F-O-O-L does everything wrong and YOU does everything just right.... so affirming!

Don't even get me started on all my favorite cartoons, why did it take mankind so long to invent the video recorder??!!

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