Saturday, February 11, 2006

cookie time

OK, we are wrapping up the cookie sale. Emma is down to her last 25 boxes to win the "Mini Radio Made of Plastic That Will Likely Break in a Day", having just sold enough to earn "Pen with Boa Feathers that Mommy Will Find Around the House For Two Months" and the "Small Plush Monkey that Along With The Army Of Stuffed Animals Will Come Alive While We Sleep and Make Us Their Human Slaves."

She also gets Cookie Cash. Which she could spend on goodies at the Girl Scout Shop, but which she has worked out the deal with me of trading for cash. I use the money to pay for some sort of Day Camp, or next year's registration fees, or her new Junior Uniform that she will need next year.

I remember when I was a girl Girl Scout, not an adult Scout like today. and when it was cookie time, I was so competative that the sight of an apartment building with all those doors and potential customers would make my troopmates and me quiver with excitement. Today the majority of selling is done at booths in front of stores. I took Emma door to door two weeks ago and almost every house bought at least one box. I got so excited, thinking of how few Girl Scouts live in our neighborhood and how many friendly people did live in our neighborhood, but Emma lost interest. She could have been a selling machine!!! Oh well.

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