Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here comes the Bride

There was a contest in our paper. Sort of in conjuction with a bridal show that they are holding this weekend. Sort of a bridal trivia of the stars. There was a whole list of prizes you could get from answering trivia correctly. The not so good prizes: Use of a wedding planner, A bridal veil, a bridesmaid's dress. The so-so prizes: portrait sessions. The good prizes: Meals at local restaurants. The "yes!" prizes: A free night at a swanky hotel, A trip to Cancun.

So on Friday I get a call. It's the Statesman and I was a winner of the bridal trivia challenge!

And I won..........................

A bridal bouquet and a groom's boutineer.


Now David and I can finally make it legal. With flowers.

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