Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I missed Lent

I didn't really give up or take on anything for Lent this year. I meant to, but didn't ever make the time to think about what I'd do, then Lent started, and for some reason if I wasn't going to get all 40 days of obligation, it seemed like cheating, so I let myself off the hook. But at our church, I heard one idea that I've thought of every day since. One lady said for Lent one year, she wrote a letter a day. She carved out that time to do something simple that would make her focus on her blessings, the people in her life.

I guess thinking (meditating) about doing that for the last 36 or so days might count for something, right? I've thought in the shower about people and considered that they would have probably gotten a letter. Forty is a lot of letters. Everyone who reads this would have likely gotten one (only about 6 people read this, I'm thinking. Probably less than that since I would lose whatever readers I have due to infrequent posting!)

I also considered that writing letters is really a good thing. I've always liked it. Always liked buying stationary. I love LOVE getting letters, but even if I got no letters would still like writing them. So guess what. I am going to spend the forty days after Easter writing letters. As a thank you for all my blessings of friends. I'm sure that will work as well as a Lenten discipline. It will be an Easter "Thank You" instead of a Lenten "I'm Sorry". And I'll get the same benefit either way.

So watch your mailbox.

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