Thursday, April 13, 2006

My highlight of the year

I was at the liquor store.

I was paying, and the clerk said,
"Let me see your card"

So I pushed the credit card on the counter a little closer, and he repeated himself, and I was confused for a bit, and then my mind thought.... he is carding me! My jaw probably looked pretty funny dropped on the counter. Carded! And he seemed serious. I pulled out my driver's license and handed it over and after he looked at it he started laughing.


I still can't believe it.


Ben said...

when I worked at a gas station I would always ID women who were obvioulsy 21. It would always make their day.

Mom said...

Waiters might be surprised how big their tip is if they carded Old Folks like me! I'm always ready for a good joke.

elisa said...

I actually don't find it all that amusing as my id is usually somewhere else. I got pissed at the guy at Kroger, "I took my id out when I took MY THREE KIDS to the zoo today and I really need this bottle of wine." He let me buy it.