Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In between time.

I'm all messed up for Advent. At church it is the time of waiting for Christmas. And so far this Advent, I've missed more church than the rest of the year. No slowing down, with a wedding in Orlando, an Art Sale, then a trip for Kennemer Christmas in Fort Worth on the three weekends.

Each day, I've been focusing on the next thing on my list. We had a Girl Scout Troop party last week, and I help organize a Teacher Luncheon at Bryker Woods tomorrow. But all in all, I'm in the waiting phase right now... and I love it.

I bought and wrapped all the gifts on schedule (first time ever), and today was my glorious day of the kids in school, so I'm getting chores done. I'm finally waiting and getting ready without stressing, just like Advent is supposed to work. And it really is nice, all 48 hours before the kids get let out of school for the break!


Julie said...

I've got both the kids in school one last time tomorrow (the teachers are holding two special drop-in days for parents who want to shop, etc). I feel like I've finally hit the waiting time too. Even with all the stuff I still have to do, things just seem to be a little slower going. Very nice - guess I'll have to listen to Christmas music all day tomorrow to top it off.

Kathy said...