Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Where I'm headed...

Tonight all the Boy Scouts and most of the Girl Scouts at Bryker Woods did their annual holilday carol sing-along at the retirement home in our neighborhood. And let me tell you something. THAT is where I want to end up. I've seen some nice places (rhymes with "Pemmington") but, I'm sorry, Westminster has it beat. I went past the dining room on the way out, since Max and I took the scenic route after having parked in the wrong parking lot. The Christmas Dinner menu was posted.

If my memory serves me, some of the items were "mimosa bar", caviar, rack of lamb, lobster, prime rib, chocolate fountain, assorted crackers and imported cheeses, salmon.... you get the idea.

Before we left this evening to drive over, Emma said that one of her friend's moms said she wanted to live there. And in the parking lot, another mom and I decided that we wanted to live there. Maybe if I stay in Austin, all my buddies will move there together, and we'll stay up playing dominoes after our lobster and prime rib dinner. Sounds great.

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