Saturday, December 09, 2006

What I did last weekend....

At this point, David has had his photo taken one too many times.
wedding photographer
worst. combover. ever.
Last weekend, David and I flew to Orlando to attend his sister's wedding. It was the first get away without the kids EVER. So that was noteworthy in itself. It was the first time David had seen his father in a long time, my first time to meet Malcom and his wife Ellin. It was my first Biker wedding, the first time (in a while) to fly first class home (after volunteering to get bumped on the way home), and the first time that a celebrity (Andy Dick) ever cut in line and took our seat when we tried to fly standby on the last leg of the flight. Lots of firsts.

Anyway, this is the family photo. David's sister-in-law, Jessica and brother Michael on the left. Mom, Linda next. Tom and Christi in the center. Malcolm and Ellin, Kathy and David to the right.

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