Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today I stopped at the post office to mail a few eBay boxes. Joey was with me, and we went inside to find only a couple of other people in there.... some retired ladies. Yes, moms and kids and retired ladies make for small crowds at 1:00.

We walked in and I heard every person in the post office coughing. Then Joey started to cough. It sounded like a TB ward, and I just knew I'd catch some crud. Then I got the overwhelming urge to cough. There we were, all of us, hacking away. I was looking for smoke since my throat was just stinging. And one of the ladies told me, it's not a cold, something happened. I got to the desk and the post office lady told me someone had a canister of pepper spray that accidentally went off just before we got there. She said she would probably be sick by the time she got home.

I was getting about three good breaths to each bad chemically one tearing up my lungs, then it changed so that every breath made me gag-cough. The lady was weighing my boxes and I was trying not to cough so hard that I would throw up on the desk. I sent Joey outside to wait, held out my credit card and almost just left it there for her to ring up while I ran outside to breathe. I just wanted out of there.

In the confusion, the clerk and I both forgot my biggest box should have been media rate. So I lost quite a bit of my eBay profit with the upgrade to postage, but by the time I figured it out, in the car, there was no going back.

And there, in the Terrytown Village parking lot, where many of the West Austin moms I know from Joey's preschool do their business, I did a nice farmer's blow. I just didn't care at that point who saw me snotting it out of my system.

So be thankful there is no photo to post today.

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elisa said...

The Farmers blow, not a good mental image