Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Break...more

We started the day with grand ambitions, maybe a trip to the nursery to buy some tomato plants and flowers. Instead, we hung around the house. Every half hour or so, I'd yell, "get dressed, let's have an adventure!" But the kids were playing together, so I'd let it slide. Finally we got a call from a friend, back early from the beach. It turns out Port A was really windy and not so they came home early. She offerred to host the boys for a playdate. Yippee!

Emma and I got to have some girl time with a trip to the Girl Scout shop. Um, no offense Girl Scouts, but your store hit my troop for almost $100 for a teeny tiny bag of badges and pins. Good thing we worked so hard selling cookies...ugh. Anyway, we got to shop a couple other stores before grabbing the boys. A nice break for the Genet girls.

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