Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thursday and Friday

Thursday, our little buddy Adam came for a babysitting playdate. In case you forgot, he's the little guy I babysat last year, and honorary little brother for my kids. He's 18 months old now, but my kids gave him the full court press. A frequent phrase I heard:

"MOM! (insert sibling name) is hogging Adam!"

Finally I started setting the oven timer to give everyone equal turns with our little guest. Toni was having one of her last visits with her OB, and she will have baby Amy here before we know it. If only she was smart enough to have twins, there would be one little child for each of my kids to hog during playdates.

updated memory:
How could I have forgotten (repressed?) this one other event from Thursday. A friend called to ask if we wanted to meet at the IMAX showing of Deep Sea 3-D. I said sure, but Emma had second thoughts and decided it would be too scary. So I asked my buddy to buy three tickets for Max, Joey and me. We dropped Emma off at David's office, and as she got out of the car, she mentioned something about how scary the movie would be. Thanks, Emma. By the time we got to the theater, both boys were wimpering about sharks. I kept telling them I'd hold their hands, cover their eyes, whatever it took. Things kept getting worse. By the time we got into the theater, Joey was a writhing ball of loud crying dispair, and wouldn't even exit the lobby. Max went in with my friends (and three of his classmates) but as if on cue, two minutes later, he was back with me, in the lobby afraid of the movie. I cell phoned my friend who was in the theater, told her it was a lost cause, and tried to get a refund. No luck. Just some vouchers for a future show. ugh!

After that, we drove to the nursery to pick out some plants. Max was excited to find actual Strawberry Plants-- imagine that! Emma bought a flat of flowers and Joey decided to take possession of the Basil seeds I had planned to buy. Max also found a package of "Pumpkin-Big Max" seeds that grow the type of pumpkins seen at the state fair. So we'll have huge Jack-o-Lanterns this year.

We drove to Half Price Books so Emma could get a sushi making kit and an Origami kit. We went to Taco Cabana for lunch, and then to an estate sale for me. At the sale, I found a few goodies, but the one that will make me rich on eBay is a package (mint condition, unopened) of Peanut's Hallmark Stickers with Lucy, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I got them for 50 cents, but think I'll make over TEN BUCKS reselling them. woo hoo. Maybe even more. If I get something unreal like $50 I'll take you all out for margaritas!

And we topped the week of Spring Break off in a very fun way. Mommy time at the Park. We looked like the only ones who would show at first, but then our friends started dribbling in. Had a couple of beers while laughing and relaxing with the girls, then wonderful Erika invited everyone over to her house (15 kids and 7 moms!) for dinner, since her hubby had taken a trip out of town. The kids ranged from 3 years old to 5th graders and they all played some sort of wrestling/tackling game that seemed violent at times. But all of us moms could remember playing a similar game (with various UN-P.C. names) when we were little and the grown ups weren't around. None of the kids broke bones or got hurt, so that was cool.

We made spagetti and carrot sticks for all the kids, and the moms ate a fantastic concoction of shrimp/pasta and steak that Erika just sort of threw together. Margaritas in the kitchen while we all chipped in and worked, dinner on the deck with low lights and a glass of wine, and the kids having a blast. It was a wonderful evening. As we walked out the door, my daughter who usually does not like visiting there since all the kids are younger than her, asked me "Can we come back here tomorrow night?"

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