Monday, March 12, 2007

Rodeo Days

OK, so am I a good mommy or what? On the very first day of Spring Break, I'm feeling guilty because we aren't going anywhere for vacation with the kids. I decided to take the three out to see the Fair/Rodeo/Carnival Food at the Expo Center. We drove out, played on the free cat food display (inflatable blow up bouncy thing), we looked at the petting zoo, got milk from Elsie, dined on the midway and rode (very few) carnival rides. We had two suspected cases of funnel cake sugar overload meltdown during the trip. But it was glorious weather and there were no crowds at all. So I consider it a success, but next year -- no funnel cake!

You may not be able to see in the photo, but this dining establishment is called International Cookhouse, and one of their spotlighted entrees is Frito Pie, hmmmm, fan-cy.

The funny story behind this photo is that the buffalo hide welcome mat to this teepee had it's eyelids still on, and sewn shut, so the kids would NOT step on the rug. They sort of leaped into the opening.

Rock Climbing wall, Joey has on his Omnitrix wristband.

Monkey Max

Ooooh, Elsie's baby Beauregard is sooooo cute.....

Hook 'Em

Need a job?

House of mirrors, Emma and Max scrambled right in, and Joey tried to keep up, but twice I heard him go right into the glass, face first. He did not think to put his hands in front of himself, and couldn' t hear me telling him to do that from outside the ride.

Maybe she gave her child a funnel cake.

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