Friday, March 09, 2007

Takin' Care of Business (Photo-wise)

I've been too busy to post news lately, but here are some recent events in reverse order: Arts by Bryker Woods wrap up meeting, Max turns 8, and Max has a bowling party. Joey before haircut is also in there, completely out of order..........

This was our victory party.

Or was it our own special brand of PTA meeting?

Either way, after our big AxBW (Arts by Bryker Woods) Art Festival, the committee had a mandatory meeting at El Arroyo. We enjoyed a few pitchers of frozen margaritas, some nachos and well deserved time for us Mommies to unwind and have some fun. For our event, we had over 400 people come to school Thursday night, enjoy art and performances and poetry made byour students. It was a lot of work and a great success--and a very cool committee with all my best Bryker Woods buddies!

8 year old and Zebra Cake!

Max's favorites -- new Webkinz animals!

Joey just prior to his last haircut. He likes the way his hair looks long, and even though he flirts and chats non-stop with Darlene, his stylist, he always breaks her heart by crying when he gets a look at his new, shorter hair.

Finally getting around to putting up my brother's OSU flag. I flew it because OSU beat UT in regular season this year. However, we had much better success in the National Championship than the Buckeyes... oh well.

Frank at Max's 8th Birthday Bowling party.

Dart Bowl Rocks!

Amir loves to bowl.

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