Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finally, an update

It's been a while since I've written anything. Soon, you will know why.

It happens this way every spring. There is usually a two week period in there when all the shit hits the fan. (Sorry, but putting it more politely than that just wouldn't capture the feeling). It's being too busy, and having that time where everytime you turn around, you owe someone hundreds of dollars both hitting at the same time, you know - shit hitting a fan.

First off, it's time for a big spring event at our elementary school. It's called Arts by Bryker Woods, like South by Southwest here in Austin. We have an arts event in the evening. Lots of visual art hanging in the halls, poetry slam, live performances at several stages around the school and dinner. I love this event, because about four years ago, it was how I met one of my lifetime best friends. I also met the whole crowd of ladies I hang with today. But I'm in charge of dinner and that freaks me out a bit. This week, it is ticket sales before school and after, depositing money, etc. Next Thursday, it is heading to Sam's, buying food for 400, and cooking that night. Getting volunteers to sell tix this week and serve lasagna next week is what keys me up.

Couple that with the little job that is hanging over my head and threatening to start. (Still hasn't started yet)

Finally got oven fixed last week. Asked repairman what the clunking sound the fridge has been making for months might be... needs freon or compressor going out. Damn. Shit. Fan.

Emma and Max out of school Monday. Me reading to Joey's class on Tuesday. Joey out of school Wednesday and Thursday. Wondering why a preschool needs two days off for conferences (the second round this year...) and why they have TWO MORE DAYS OFF for conferences in April. Um, this is preschool, not Harvard. Damn!

Gabby, the cat, eating away at her tail till we took her to the vet Monday. Brought her home after a $350 operation. $350!!! Damn! Shit. Fan. And our wild outside cat has to wear the hood and stay indoors. His whole butt and half the tail is shaved with a shunt draining... whatever. I almost hurled when I saw it. $350!! Damn!

Max's birthday and party on Saturday. 12 boys bowling. Cupcakes for school on Friday, cupcakes at party and cake for home.

Girl Scout troop has Thinking Day on Saturday. Presenting report about Italy. Serving Italian food. Presenting Italian facts. Fun event, just a busy time.

Then there is the issue of Max's arm. He has a lump. We are supposed to get it removed. There is a problem with the insurance, so we are trying to convince the surgeon's office, David's office HR, and the Health Network to get their act together and find us a preferred provider.

Now you might be thinking, "will she ever stop complaining?". Yes I will. As bad as all that sounds when I'm having my pity party, I know how to fix things. I sent an email out yesterday for emergency girl's night out. The friends have come to my side quickly. We meet tonight for a relaxing hour or two at El Arroyo. And the ultimate fix is just two weeks away. My annual girl weekend with my middle/high school buddies. That is like a shining beacon in my calendar and I CAN'T WAIT. It is the perfect fix for fans.

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