Sunday, March 25, 2007

Par-Tay 07

Another great year... and once again, I just about wet my pants MANY times.

It was our Girls Weekend. My three best buddies from Fort Worth and I look forward to a fun trip every spring. This year, the destination was a mystery. The three Austin Chicks met Missy along I-35. Then we were led on a circuitous route, finally arriving in CRAWFORD??!!! It provided one of the ongoing themes of the weekend, as I left my wallet in the same country store where I wrote in the guest book: "George Bush Sucks!" A little childish of me, I know, but something just pushed me to do it. I guess childish actions affect your Karma. After a phone call, and a thirty minute drive from Waco, back to Crawford, I did my best "Fan of Bush" act, while they retrieved my wallet from the vault.

....."It must be really interesting when Bush stops here to eat.... "

Anyway, after the wallet debacle, we got back to Waco, our real destination for the weekend.

Who would have guessed, Waco had some cool old buidings, neat antique and gift shops, and plenty of chain stores so that Mary could take care of all her return errands she'd been hauling in her trunk. We spend our weekend, shoppin', eatin' and repeatin'.

caption witheld to protect what Karma I have left

Here is the very cute house where we stayed. A neat B&B, with wonderful breakfasts, comfy beds, my three best friends, tables for Balderdash and Apples to Apples games, margaritas, a hot grill for our steak and baked potato tradition, silly photos, all the old People and Entertanment Weekly magazines you could possibly need, loungy pjs, and the friendliest hostess in Central friendly, so very, very friendly....

I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and I was in real peril of wet pants. The whole weekend recharged my batteries. We'll likely see each other some time over the summer, or here and there for another reason, but the next trip is already scheduled for March 2008. It will be my turn to plan it. After Waco, there are all new cities to consider, Euless? Del Valle? Hutto? It may even be another mystery for the girls.

So that's my report. Not even close to all that I COULD tell. But as the old saying goes, what happens in Waco (or on Par-tay weekend) stays there.

Love you girls!

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