Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just when the weather is perfect.
The trees start shedding all their pollen.
And I'm too stuffed up to enjoy it.
I feel rotten.

But the weather is glorious.

That's why I haven't posted lately...
sniff, sniff....


Mom said...

A bumper crop of bluebonnets and wildflowers in Texas this year to go with the explosion of pollen. They probably have something to do with each other, if we could just see through our itchy watery eyes and stop sneezing enough to enjoy it all.

Kathy said...

I know it is the pollen.

When I walk outside it feels like my windpipe all the way down to my lungs is itchy. And my sneezes are explosive, I don't recall ever sneezing so hard.

...chapped lips and nose from drips, not so pretty either.

Julie said...

Yeah, I have a couple days lately where even though I've downed a ClaritinD (24-hour, of course) and numerous Advil I still feel awful. And I can't help but wonder how incredibly terrible I'd feel if I HADN'T taken those drugs.