Friday, April 20, 2007


OK, am I the only person who is amazed at the wonderful, prolonged Spring we are having this year? Usually, it lasts one week and we are right into Summer, but this year, ooohhh la la. Prettier flowers than ever (the bluebonnets on the way to Possum Kingdom Lake last week were amazing), frequent rain keeping things gloriously green, and the weather so nice and cool. I just smile all the time now.

And it is my favorite time of year, because things are just falling off my job list. Wednesday I pulled off the last of my monthly teachers' luncheons at the kids' school. I help each grade level pull together a pot luck on the third Wednesday of the month. April was Kindergarten's turn, and after some sweating it out, they really came through. So that little task is done until August. Had a fairly successful Girl Scout meeting yesterday, only two to go, yippee.

My birthday/anniversary weekend is coming up on May 5/6. Can't wait, although that weekend is so full of events, I'm not sure if David and I can break away for a meal out, which is really the only thing I can think of that I need. (really need a date!) I could use a sleeping bag this year, a grown up sleeping bag, since I still use the one I got in 2nd grade and last weekend it was cold! And some running shoes, so I guess I do need a few things. We are throwing a baby shower May 6, for my assistant troop leader who is both pregnant and moving her family to Norway in early June, so in the big scheme of things I don't need anything at all compared to her.

And finally, today specifically is the perfect Spring day because it is looking so lovely outside, and Joey got a playdate for after school that should last until after 4pm. Max has soccer until after 4, and I don't pick up Emma until around 3. A whole day..... and Robbin's doing art at home today and invited me over, and tomorrow I head up to Fort Worth to see the musical Wicked with my mom and sister, as an early birthday gift.

Perfect, perfect, perfect Spring! I'll have to file this away for when I'm drowning in the humid heat of mid summer.

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