Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
We had a wonderful day. A dear friend surprised us by bringing the kids Easter Bunny biscuits right after we woke up. (shaped like Easter Bunnies, not made with Easter Bunny meat) That simple gesture was the only thing that got us to church on time today.

We had an egg hunt and service at church where we sang the Handel's Hallelujah Chorus off the cuff and very loud!

I had the added bonus of not having any trouble saving seats for the five of us, which made me happy...

On the way home, David realized he needed to put gas in the car, so he dropped me off at the house to change shoes (wink, wink) while he took his sweet time with the kids.
I made sure the Easter Bunny got all the eggs hid.

This slight of hand takes me straight back to my childhood every year. We had a Sunday routine when I was little. We went to church in Arlington, and on the way home was a Buddies Supermarket. Every week, every single week, we would stop on the way home for mom to pick up milk and stuff, and we would look at the Mad magazines and Wacky Packs and blow our allowance before heading home. On Easter Sunday, strangely enough, we would make the trip straight back home (good idea to me). But Dad would only drop off mom and THEN drive back to the grocery store to get milk. Were Mom and Dad crazy? I still recall the feelings of frustration that my parents could pick the absolute worst day of the year to mess up the routine.

Then one year it finally occurred to me that the Easter Bunny's handwriting looked exactly like Mom's, AND we had the mixed up morning errands... well, that did it.

So, I've been very careful never to reveal the Easter Bunny's handwriting and our Easter Bunny has started putting loose change (one coin per egg) out as a treat, so my kids are inclined to buy in for a couple more years.... I hope.

12 cents! Yippee!

Then, my mother in law came over to celebrate Easter and her birthday with a big ham dinner, cake, pie and relaxing. It was a fun day....

Happy Easter!

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