Friday, April 13, 2007

Leaving for Camp

I have the best husband in the world. After being gone only a month ago on my girlfriend trip to Waco, he's letting me loose again. This trip was sort of a last minute plan, cooked up by my crazy art producing friend Robbin.

She used to attend a YMCA camp west of Fort Worth as a kid. Today she is a fundraiser for the camp, so she has secured a cabin and an art kiln for the weekend. I'm heading up in about an hour with Robbin, friend Connie, margarita mixings, blender, swimsuit, art projects, books for a fun weekend.

I feel a little more guilty than I did leaving town with the high school friends. Probably because the two trips are a little close together, however I don't think the kids suffer nearly as much as I imagine when I am gone.

I'm hoping to give David a free weekend pretty soon. He deserves it.

Photos when I return!

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Mom said...

And of course it is back to Fort Worth next weekend for an early birthday outing. Bring the family!