Sunday, April 15, 2007

Art Camp was Fun

I had a great weekend.

Robbin took Connie and me to her old YMCA summer camp west of Fort Worth at Possum Kingdom Lake. We had a job to do, get a kiln in the art shack up and running, and in exchange we got to use a cabin for free for the weekend.

Robbin showed us all around her girlhood camp. And we had a beautiful, relaxing weekend of f-u-n!

My two comrades in Art (and fun) Connie and Robbin. We stopped en route to Camp Grady Spruce at this lovely garden shop.

Road Trip food in Lampasas!

Art Central, we devoted the cabin's downstairs area to our workshop, and the upstairs to sleeping.

My joyful little houses..

This is my rifle
This is my gun
One is for shooting
One is for fun.

When I told David we shot guns at camp, he corrected me with the poem he learned at Friday Mountain Boys Camp.

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