Saturday, May 05, 2007

forty two

A good old normal day for celebrating.

Max's soccer game was moved from Saturday to Sunday, so we had nothing on the schedule. I got to wake up whenever, stay in the PJs, and read the whole paper. David and Emma made waffles, later Emma and I went tooting around town, to the Farmer's Market then Central Market and the Stationary store. Then tonight, our favorite sitter came over so David and I could go out to eat. We went to Mrs. B's which has New Orleans/Homestyle cooking.

I got a homemade card from each of the kids, and Max's had each digit from one to forty two written out, a cake with 42 candles, 42 stars, 42 balloons, the equasion 4x10+2=42, just to drive home the point that he thinks I've reached a really big number.

It was a really fun day and I'm very content with my life these days.

I also want to send out a big birthday hug to my little sis. Happy Birthday Julie, you ultimately turned out to be my best birthday gift.


Julie said...

Though I bet you didn't think it was such a great gift on your 2nd birthday when you didn't get to have Mom or Dad there to celebrate!

Thank you though.

Mom said...

Ahh, but for several years, when you were very young, it made birthday parties so easy. A cake in two round layers - one decorated layer for your birthday with your friends, then immediately following the other decorated layer of the cake for Julie's party and her friends. You were much more open to getting a sister for your second birthday than you were to geting a little brother a few years later.

Dad and I are constantly amazed and pleased at how our two Cinco de Mayo daughters have turned out. (And our November son is just as amazing and wonderful, of course.)