Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm right back on the treadmill. Right now, I'm worried about an upcoming art sale in Dallas this Friday and Saturday. I'm making some very cool laminated paper purses. I had received one as a gift and when I got it I thought 1) cool!, 2) I can copy this! It will be easy and cute. However, after disecting how it was constructed and learning through trial and error, I'm about to pull my hair out! Someday I will be able to crank them out in a time efficient way, but I'm not there now.

So all the details in getting myself, my good buddy Robbin (also in the sale) and 2/3 of my kids up to Dallas, and setting up my booth by 6pm are a little overwhelming.

I'm also worrying about what I'll do next year for a job. I wish I had a year of just catching my breath. All three kids will be in school, all day. My excuses are just about used up, and if we want to add on to the house, I'm going to have to pitch in. So I'm worrying about jobs, and options, and how many hours to work.

What I'm peaceful about is all the fun I've had with friends lately. I got taken out to lunch by my Godmother and another of my mom's friends yesterday, a birthday lunch. And I get to go to lunch next Monday with my girls from Fort Worth. Can't wait. Seeing my family this weekend in Fort Worth. Last Girl Scout meeting on Thursday, then I'm done until September, yippee. One more volunteer obligation at Bryker Woods next week and then that's all done.

Then it's summer. And I'm not going to work. I'm just going to relax and do fun stuff with the kids. I want to try to be in the moment. Not worrying about stuff... I can't wait.

And I'm very peaceful about next school year which will be here before I know it, just like always, and my kids with three awesome teachers next year. Two that we've had before and one of the two wonderful 5th grade teachers, either of which I'd be very happy to have for Emma.

So if I can make it through the weekend, it is all good.

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