Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Day

Joey and Hugh on the first day of school.
Last day photo will be posted as soon as I take it!

Today is the last day (barring unforseen circumstances!) that I will ever be the parent of a preschooler. Joey graduates from Good Shepherd School today, and after 7 years of volunteering, paying tuition, dropping off, picking up, and substitute teaching, I'm graduating too.

Every year, the final day is devoted to a chapel service where the kids sing their chapel songs, and it is always capped by the graduating Kindergarteners at the school singing a "thank you" song to the parents and teachers. For six years in a row, it has never failed to make me tear up, and that was when I knew that I'd be back in the fall. This year, all bets are off.

Any sadness is, of course, tempered with the knowledge that I have written my LAST TUITION PAYMENT UNTIL COLLEGE. So I'm not all sad.

Joey's best buddy, Hugh, is going to be in his Kindergarten class next year. He will be all set with our wonderful teacher/friend Mrs. Black. And next year the other two kids have awesome teachers. I've been looking forward to the 5th grade/3rd grade/Kinder year for years.

But I'm still taking the kleenix today.

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