Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cowtown Vacation

What do you do when you have a couple weeks of Summer Vacation left, the need for a change of scenery, but little cash or energy for a glamorous trip?

Head to Fort Worth!

Stay out of the street when the steer pass by, they might sweat on you.

The kids are old enough now that we decided to do some of the "touristy" stuff on this trip to Gramma and Grandad's. So the first day, we went down to the Stockyards to see the cattle drive. The staff wanders up and down the street before the longhorns, giving us all warnings about standing away from the street. Good thing, because those steer looked mighty feisty in the mid morning heatwave. Actually, it was kind of fun, and we went to the gunslinger show and the Cowboy museum afterwards.

Our wonderful hosts

Where is Santa spending August? At the Gunslinger show!

David warned me to keep my hand off this guy's piece

From there, we made was our second visit to the outstanding new museum in Fort Worth, The Modern.

They had a neat show going on that gave all of us lots to talk about. The permanent exhibit had the ladder to the sky that we all loved.

We stayed in Cowtown for four days, and had time for a visit to the Museum of Science and History. David and the kids took in the Star Wars exhibit, and I spent time in the "Attic" exhibit. They are going to pack up the collection during construction of the new, bigger and better museum. So the attic exhibit pulled out old, retired items that I was familiar with from my yearly field trips as a student in the FWISD.

Mighty dinosaur, where are the Cavemen performing brain surgery? Did you eat them?

The kids loved the Water Gardens, but it did get quite warm..... like Hades.

And we had lots of cousin time with Alex and Grace, and my cousin Amy and her baby Anna and my aunt Shorty. I got to see Missy's pretty new house. And we got to shoot bb and pellet guns, make things in the woodshop, watch very good movies, play dominoes, and hang out and relax.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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