Friday, August 17, 2007

Museum Tragedy...

I was missing the cavemen at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History so much that I wrote an email when we got home. I asked the Curator what happened to my all time favorite representation of prehistoric surgery.

This was the disturbing response:

Dear Kathy,

When we dismantled the History of Medicine exhibit, we gave it to the UNT Health Science Center. They were storing it and planned to install it in a new building. Unfortunately, the Tindell Warehouse burned down and the exhibit was lost. I have attached a photo of the cavemen and they are indeed dusty.

Best wishes,
Jim Diffily


Julie said...

I can't believe it is gone forever. That was the most disturbing exhibit. Well, that and the one that tested your reflexes by having the light flash in the weird wooden closet with the scary dummy in it. Certainly etched itself in my brain.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with a museum representative recently at a conference (don't know who she was). When I asked about the caveman diorama she signed deeply, said that she is often asked about it, and that it is still around but in dire need of repair. She said that it was made of wax. Don't know how accurate any of this is, but I also miss this exhibit. The new museum building is nice, but the exhibits can't compare the old museum!

LZAcooks said...

It's back! Go see it special 75 year exhibit