Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kathy's Last Temptation

OK, so who's got Kathy's number?
Randall's, that's who!

Not only do I shop there once a day, sometimes more.
Not only do they take more and more of my money each month.
Now they have developed the one impulse purchase that I simply couldn't resist.

I just went ahead and grabbed them and kept on walking.
The oddly hued, over-bright flowers. No way they are really this color, but they were like catnip to me.

Had to have them,
and had just the perfect vase for them.
Now washing the dishes isn't too bad.


Julie said...

Oooh - we got our Tom Thumb version of those, except ours were even more garish with some green and reds mixed in. At least in my case I can say the kids made me buy them!

Actually, yours are much nicer looking than ours were.

Kathy said...

I was simply unable to resist the color explosion.

I knew I liked Grace's sense of style, we are very compatable, flower-wise.