Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tomorrow, three Bryker Woods students!

I wrote an email to a friend recently, and I did such a good job of describing the kids' teachers I thought I'd just copy that and post it here. (Friend: hope you don't mind!) Anyway, here is what we have in store for tomorrow. The biggest change is that I'm no longer the mother of a pre-schooler. Now they all attend Bryker Woods. I guess this means I'm not the same kind of a stay at home mom, and very shortly I'll be a part time working mom again. One door closes and another opens....... here's the copied info:

Yes, Emma, my oldest, has a new teacher. But even that teacher is known to us, since her daughter is one of my Girl Scouts and a member of Emma's grade at school. So we know her as a fellow "Mom" at the moment. I've heard wonderful things about her as a teacher. I had a friend who was a clerk in the office and she said Mrs. Spain was the only teacher who never sent kids to the office, she takes care of all the discipline in her room. Impressive....

Max, 3rd grader, will have a lady we've had with Emma two years ago. She is about a year or two from retirement and a very impressive teacher. She gives them each hugs at the end of the day as they leave the room. She asks them about their day, and what they'll be working on that night for homework. It takes almost 20 minutes to get the whole class outside after the bell rings. Her students are "her babies" for the year, and she loves them. Great teacher.

Joey's Kindergarten teacher is a family friend. When Emma was in her class 4 years ago, I volunteered to be a reader on Fridays. Joey was a one year old then, and she would take him to the teacher's lounge for the half hour. When I got him back, he would have cookie crumbs and strawberry juice on his shirt, and lipstick kisses around his cheeks. She even offered to babysit Joey when the other four of us went to movies and she and Joey were special friends... she was like an aunt to him. Now she is teaching him. She will have to train him not to dig through her desk drawers for candy. I asked if she would prefer not to have him be a student, but she is very excited to teach him. She is only a year or two from retirement as well.

We live about three blocks down the street from the school. My husband attended it as a kid. So that is another good thing, we can all walk to school, and actually, I may let the kids walk home by themselves later in the year.

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