Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Surprise!!

We are so Excited!!!!

Emma entered the Zilker Park Christmas Tree Coloring Contest
and she won the Senior Division!

This means that we (the whole family) get to attend the tree lighting ceremony this Sunday to see another girl from our school-- a little sister of Max's friend--- light the big Zilker Park Christmas tree. Emma gets to stand on the podium with her.

Emma's big night comes on December 9, when they open the Trail of Lights. Emma got us tickets to the VIP party before the official opening. We got VIP parking passes allowing us to bypass the police barricade (my favorite part of this by far!) And then Emma and the Mayor will cut the ceremonial ribbon opening the Trail of Lights. THEN... if that wasn't enough.... Emma and her parents have the opportunity to ride in the sleigh with Santa and Mrs. Claus through the Trail all the way to Santa's house where they will disembark and have photos taken.


Free Parking!!!!!!

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Emma's Gramma in Ft Worth said...

I wish we could be there to throw confetti and help celebrate. What a great artist!