Friday, November 09, 2007

I've got ART!

Today, I bought TWO beautiful pieces of art. I couldn't afford the Three Muses in my earlier post (Robbin is painting me a smaller version after her big show in the Bahamas). But today's purchases were by my friend Luis Abreux.

I met Luis about two months ago. Each Friday, we have Art Day at Robbin's house. Luis joined the three of us, Robbin, Connie and I, and he is fantastic. Watching him work is hypnotic and apparently the city is starting to notice him. He escaped from Cuba two years ago, in a dramatic, multi-stop plane flight. Connie and Robbin met him at an art show at Austin Interreligious Ministries. He even won a recent Best of Austin Award in the Austin Chronicle:

Best Surprise! We Have an Art Show Here!: Austin Area Interreligious Ministries Hosting Luis Abreux
One step in the door of the agency’s Eastside location, and all eyes become riveted to Luis Abreux’s vibrant, fantastical work. Vivid colors reminiscent of the painter's native Cuba and the dynamism of the topics command attention; it's as if his subjects were run through a Chuck Jones-meets-Picasso daydream. You may be tempted to stay and gaze for hours or wish you could take them all home. The local nonprofit gave the honor of their first foray into the art world to Abreux, whose recent situation qualified him for their services, allowing him to participate in his own assistance.
701 Tillery #8, 386-9145

So today, I visited his house and saw the dozens of paintings he has in every room, more than dozens, at least a hundred! I picked two small ones, and fell in love. He let me have a "friend rate" and wished them well in their new home. Photos will be posted momentarily!

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