Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Season of Shows

The way they get you to come to PTA meetings at Bryker Woods is to have your kid do some sort of performance that you don't want to miss. Therefore, I predict I will go to three evening PTA meetings this school year. Max's was this month, when the third grade classes sang patriotic songs for us. It was actually very cute, and the program had improved from the year Emma's third grade did patriotic songs consisting of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine songs. Max's group did "This Land is Your Land", and "Fifty! Nifty! United States" which were much more catchy.

Joey's class held the pilgrim/indian show. They got to choose which they wanted to be and the class only ended up with two little settlers and a dozen native Americans. Joey is on the back row, but his "girlfriend", Jillian is on the front row. She is the teeny blonde in front of Zach who is just to the right of Joey.

Emma and I talked with Jillian and she told us, about Joey.... "I like him and he likes me".

Joey says...."She chases me, and I like it."

The Kindergarten Room

Mrs. Black, Carlotta the doggie, and Joey

Joey asked to have his picture taken with Mrs. Black's visiting daughter, and later wondered if she could be his babysitter.

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