Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Christmassy

Joey just couldn't wait.

He is in love with his Kindergarten teacher and he couldn't wait until closer to Christmas to get her the perfect gift.... a snow globe. Right now, he is mesmerized by snow globes. He even told the teacher last week that would be her present, and each day he wanted to go shopping (around 8pm) to find the right one.

Yesterday, the rare opportunity arose, Max had chess club, Emma had a playdate, and Joey and I had an hour to ourselves. I told him THAT was the right time to shop. So we drove over to Breede, the most wonderful Hardware/Housewares store I know, because that would be just the place for snow globe shopping.

I was right. As we walked in the front door, there was a beautiful one. It had Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in it. I said, "Oh Joey, they do have snow globes! Look at that one." He took a look and said... "No Mom, it's got to be more Christmassy." Ouch. We'll be working on that during Advent.

Anyway, just like I'd imagined, Breede had about twenty to choose from on a shelf towards the back of the store. We settled in and started listening to the music boxes for the top choices. Joey was very careful to put his ear right next to them and sing the words if he knew them. As I was watching him, being so careful, I could hear the garden center right outside the door. There was a little fountain running, and that kept mixing with the music box twinkles and Joey singing some of the right words and making up the rest. And I had such a nice moment.

He did eenie meenie and inky binky bonky to choose between the final two. He kept going until he got the one that I knew he liked the best. It had a penguin inside, played "We wish you a Merry Christmas", and had a bright green glitter covered base. Joey kept singing, "I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Go-od New Year".

Joey and I used to have lots of time together when he was in preschool, and now I hardly ever get him alone. (and not begging for a "date" to eat Happy Meals) It was really lovely.

When he got home, he must have played the music for two hours, staring at the snow and the little penguin inside.

He told us he wanted to take it to her this morning. So we wrapped it up after breakfast. He walked right up to her first thing and gave her the present, and she opened it and he was just beaming. It was really great. It sort of lurched me right into the holiday spirit-- now I feel More Christmassy.


Julie said...

The eenie meenie done until the "right" option is chosen sounds exactly like something Grace would do too.

Mom said...

This is exactly what Christmas should be, searching for just the right gift, knowing it is the perfect fit for the person receiving it. This story brought tears to my sentimental eyes. Hard to believe this is the same child who wants a bazooka from Grandad.

Christi said...