Monday, June 19, 2006

beach week

We just returned from a wonderful beach week vacation. Still haven't done all the laundry and unpacking, but, you know... The photos sort of tell the story. But the one thing we didn't get recorded visually was our last lunch of the trip.

I was determined that we would eat lunch at an old style diner/cafe along the little highway we were on. We blew through a couple of towns with town squares that seemed like they would come through, but all we saw were Subway, Wendy's, Dairy Queen. We got to Kenedy Texas and David spotted a cafe sign, but it was a Mexican Cafe and not right, then just a few feet further down the road, Barth's Cafe. Perfect! Loaded with cars on the outside, loaded with its original 50's decor on the inside. Even the music was right out of a time warp!

We walked in and past the salad bar with iceberg lettuce (shreaded), two kinds of dressing - ranch and thousand island, carrot and raisin salad, hominy!, black eyed pea salad, chocolate pudding, and not too many veggies to our table in the non-smoking section in the back. The waitress brought us warm, homemade bread and those little packages of butter. The kids got burgers and homemade rings, David and I split a chicken fried steak. We asked what kinds of deserts they sold, and she rattled off about 10 kinds of pie and apologized that they were out of coconut creme.

There was a big group in a banquet space near our table. A high school reunion, turns out they all graduated in the early 40's. I'm sure Barth's looked very familiar to them, and I wondered how many of them stuck close to Kenedy their whole lives anyway.

The beach trip was such a nice treat, Thanks Gramma and Grandad (Mom and Dad to me)

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