Saturday, June 10, 2006


Last night, the night before leaving town, the night after a long, draining week, and a packed busy day, I donned my Mexican Wrestling mask and went here! Does David have the coolest office or what?? Yes! he does, they got us these unbelievable tickets for free!

We went to the Alamo Travelling Roadshow for the hottest event in town-- a special advance screening of Jack Black's new movie Nacho Libre. We love Jack Black, it was directed by the guy who did Napoleon Dynomite (which we loved), the tickets were free (how did David's office ever get 11 of them??), Rodney even treated us to dinner and drinks, there were real Mexican Luchadors having wrestling matches before the movie, there were MIDGET MEXICAN WRESTLERS, then the movie itself! Whew!

We were in the commemorative photo of all attendees wearing Lucha Libre masks which will be posted soon on the Alamo site. I'll link as soon as I see it. LU-CHA!

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