Friday, June 30, 2006

Emma's at home

OK. I had a chance to look into the future last night. But first I have to back-track a little bit.

There is a very cool furniture store called Mitchell Gold Bob Williams. It advertises in all my design magazines. Google them to see all the yummy furniture. They just opened an Austin showroom, and there were ads in the paper, but for some reason, I got an invitation to their grand opening gala with valet parking, cocktails, and a chance to meet the founders. The invitation said "dress to be seen".

Meanwhile, for the last year or so, Emma has been wanting to be an interior designer, and for some reason she was familiar with the Mitchell Gold ads in my mags. So she was very hyped up about this opening. Not thinking she was ready for a cocktail party, we went to the "soft opening" of the store last week. Emma prepared herself by spending an hour on the computer, looking up and listing all her favorite pieces. After dressing up (for a Wednesday morning last week) Emma wowed the salespeople with her extensive knowledge of the merchandise. They gave her a free t-shirt and officially urged her to come to the Grand Opening Gala.

So, last night was the Gala, Emma was dressed to be seen. Black skirt, cobalt blue haltar top and trendy black string poncho, jewelry, etc.... There was valet parking, a red carpet, water bottles with the store logo, goodie bags (like at the oscars!), cocktails, a DJ, yummy food, lots of furniture, and lots of people there trying very hard to be seen. I thought since I'd know no one there, we'd make a circle around the store and leave. But two hours later we were still there. Emma was totally at ease. She worked the room, stopping to pose/sit on various pieces of furniture. I thought "uh-oh" she really likes parties. She chatted with people, since many stopped us to tell her she looked very pretty. She was asked often if she was a designer. I was pretty much ignored. She talked to me about furniture, parties and food.

On the way out, we accomplished our last goal. She got to meet Mitchell Gold himself. He was outside getting a breath of air. We walked up to him and Emma shook her hand. I mentioned she was a big fan, and how she did internet research, and showed him the list. He asked me if I was going to buy her what she wanted (approx. $10,000 worth of goodies), and then he asked if she was going to be a designer (yes) and then he told her she should be an intern for them when she gets older. On the way to the car, I explained what an intern is. She floated home, her plans for the future secure. And she told me she was never washing her hand again.

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Mom said...

Sounds like this might conflict with her plans to live and work in Japan.