Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Easy Living

It was supposed to get a little easier, huh? So far it has been a busy summer for me. The morning routine is easier now that the kids sleep a little later, and I don't have to make lunches, or gather homework, or rush anyone out the door to school. BUT.... I started a new job. I do computer research 4 hours a day here from home. And man it is kicking my butt.

The first day I just wanted to quit. Almost in tears from the frustration, I wrote a resignation email to the girl I'm working for. But in it, I offerred to work until she could replace me. On about day 6 or 7, I was starting to get an idea about how to do this job, and now it is a typical "I don't love the work, but I can do it job". It would be perfect if the kids were in school. If you can consider "I don't love it" jobs to be perfect. It is a high pay, work at home kind of job, that would be perfectly timed to kids in school. That's more like it.

Anyway, I get up early every day (6:30 or earlier) so I can phone the UK. Some days I can hardly understand their wacky accents, but yesterday, I got a very helpful sales rep, who patiently answered my questions, who I UNDERSTOOD, and who I eventually envisioned as really cute, just wanting to help me from around the world. I called a friend who reminded me he was probably more of the tech nerd type with English teeth. So I googled the name and came up with a frumpy older balding man who was the town council man of Derbyshiresham or somewhere. After shooting the picture over to my friend, she told me I should have used yahoo's search engine, she found something much more accurate:

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