Thursday, June 29, 2006

miss Max

Max is enjoying week two of day camp. After last week turned out to be so fun for him, we were 8 on the waiting list to get into camp this week. I assumed that meant we would not get in, but on Monday afternoon, we got a call.

This camp is run by the LCRA which is our Colorado River Authority. They have beautiful land about 15 miles east of Austin. The camp is run by LCRA naturalists and professionals, not high school kids. They hike, play Indian games, make crafts, do rock climbing, swimming and river rafting. But the best part is that no less than 10 of the boys from Max's grade at school are all there together, including all his closest friends. He is in boy heaven. He comes home everyday, tired, happy, HUNGRY, and ready to fall asleep at 8pm.

Except last night, he didn't come home. He had his first sleepover! I was missing him all evening, and half expecting him to call for a pickup, but he made it. My baby is growing up! boo hoo.

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