Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Max's ears

Max has beautiful little brown ears that stick out just a little from his head. I have to say that it is very tempting to touch them, and they are very soft. Apparantly, the temptation is just too much for Joey, since he can't resist touching them. Max hates this. Hates it! So, frequently, I hear a shout "Stop IT Joey!" and I'm pretty sure what's up.

Anyway, for the upteenth time yesterday, I told Joey he was not allowed to touch Max's ears. Then I tried something new. I told Joey how to politely ask people if he could touch their ears, and then how to respond if they said "yes, please do!" or "no, I'd rather you don't fiddle with my ears." So please think about this in advance (especially Gramma and Grandad) because I'm pretty sure he will be asking you.

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