Thursday, June 09, 2005

book club night

Ok, so a slight buzz helps put the kids to bed.

I had a book club nite tonight with my tribe of girlfriends. It was at my friend Lindsey's house. I covet her house. Ever since the first time I walked into it I've loved it. Just like I love my sister's house and my uncle Jim's old house. It's why I know I'm destined to move away from this house I'm in now. I'm supposed to live in a big old cool funky fixer house that I'm utterly in love with.

I'm in like with my house. It was available when we were looking. But it is too prissy and it makes me behave in a prissy way. It has low ceilings and it's in a nice neighborhood. It's walking distance to the elementary school. But I need a big old house with surfaces that can get beat up a bit and years of fixing-up ahead of us.

Anyway, after two point five of some desceptively strong margaritas and stimulating conversation, I came home to find the kids just getting to bed at 10:30. I laid down with Max and chatted with Emma in the bunk above. Instead of reading and trying to stay awake longer than the kids, I wanted them to visit with me. (I'm a little drunk.) Such neat creatures. Telling me their secrets, singing songs from this week's Vacation Bible School in tiny voices. I was enjoying the moment.

And earlier tonight with the women who I'm thinking will be friends for a long time, walking in Lindsey's neighbor's garden, visiting other neighbor's yards as twilight set in, and finally ending up at Lindsey's house telling stories about being middle aged moms who feel much younger. It was a very cool night.

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