Friday, June 17, 2005

yesterday was fun

Since we didn't just hang around the house all day Thursday, I want credit for being a good Mommy and getting the kids out into the world. For some reason it is as hot as Hell here lately. It is breaking records and not only is it hot, it's humid. We are in a five day forcast stretch of days that will reach 100 a few times and are unbearably humid. When I walk outside, even early, it is the kind of opression that make it feel like work to breathe.

Anyway, my kids operate best when they have outside time in the morning and evening. David takes them swimming after work everyday, so he's doing his share, but I can't stand the thought of taking them to the park in the morning. Especially since we are such late risers and eaters and dressers now.

So now I consider walking good exercise. Even if it is in Target, which is what we did yesterday.

We went to Target for a pair of sunglasses for Max, some clothes for Emma, and for Joey's new Scooby Doo fishing pole. Yes, he has been wanting a fishing pole for months, but I've managed to avoid Target, so yesterday was the day. He was so excited, he carried it around for the rest of the day, even at the library. Joey told everyone who commented on the rod and reel that "No! Its a fishing POLE", and secondly, "Grandad is going fishing with me." Grandad needs a heads up on this, since I am now motivated to get him to Fort Worth very quickly to limit the amount of time I have to spend talking about the big fishing trip.

At the library, Joey picked up a book about Hippos, since he is still Gloria. Max picked up some easy readers since he is going to read to me at night now.

Then we ate gingerbread pancakes at Kerbey Lane Cafe -- a tall stack will feed my three for lunch! It is actually cheaper to feed them lunch there, than at McDonalds! Thank heavens.

Went to Daddy's office then across the street to the Austin Museum of Art to see the Annie Liebowitz exhibit. (I really miss living in a city with a big art museum, ours is tiny) The kids seemed to enjoy it, Waterloo Records had set up Ipods around the exhibit so you could hear cds by the musicians photographed in the exhibit.

Went to the big, new Whole Foods Flagship store. (I'll only say that what we bought there will make my hair look ten years younger.)

And then home. That walking counts for something, excercize, right? And we all got dressed and out of the house. Now it's 9:12 Friday, and we are in our PJ's and I'm trying to decide....park? or shopping? Our budget is shot.

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