Thursday, June 23, 2005

old eyes

I did it. I finally went ahead and bought myself a pair of those reading glasses you see at the grocery store. I had my annual exam with my new family practice doctor this week, seeing as I'm now needing 'baseline readings' on things since I'm forty. Anyway, I asked him if I should go to an opthamologist or an optometrist since I was pretty sure my eyes needed some help. He took off his glasses and pointed to the open magazine I'd been reading before he got there and said, "I'll be these are just right". Sure enough they were.

So, today I looked at the very hip and cool glasses at Central Market. All the good ones were too strong for me. Then later at HEB I found just the right pair. Emma adores them. And I'm using them right now-- as I type! Much easier to see the screen.

My good girlfriend Missy told me that the day you turn 40 you need these glasses and she was right!

Blueberry/Lemon pie update. I only ate one small piece mid-day, but now all the kids are asleep, David is at work with a deadline tomorrow and it's just me, the pie, and my new glasses! Yippee!

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Dad said...

Yea.... the next thing you need to get will be one of those cords that allows the glasses to hand around your neck... just kidding.