Monday, June 06, 2005

g-l-o-r-i-a Joey

My son is a method actor. He is currently a huge, purple, female hippopotomus, named Gloria.

We went to see Madagascar last night. It's the latest family friendly animated movie from DreamWorks. I thought it was OK. Actually I thought it was ok (lowercase worthy), a few funny jokes but kind of choppy and not quite as good as Pixar offerings like Toy Story, Incredibles, etc. But ok anyway. Way down at Joey's end of the row, I heard loud laughing several times during the show. So he obviously thought it was fantastic.

After it was over, Joey, in the theater lobby, would only answer to the name Gloria. He also expected us to answer to our character names, which is cute for about an hour, but then really gets to be a hassle. This morning he woke up in character. I asked him in my normal voice what he wanted for breakfast and he reminded me, " NO! You're Melman's voice." I remember sometimes that I'm a boy giraffe, but I've been reminded several times by Gloria to get it together. For some reason the other kids get to be Emma and Max, but I'm always Melman.

On another Gloria note, he signed birthday cards for his cousins today and I've got pictures of his distinctive signature to post.

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elisa said...

Well in our household everyone is a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings character. Cole is always Yoda.