Monday, June 20, 2005

a busy, fun day today.

OK, here's my dilemma. Either we enjoy the unstructured days of summer -- sleeping in, wearing our jammies all morning, eating breakfast late -- OR, my kids get some needed outside exercise before it is as hot as hell. Lately, that requires getting to the park by 9:30. What usually happens is that we move slowly and then it's too hot to get out, so we do errands and I hope that the walking in Target, or in and out of the car through several parking lots counts for something.

Today I was motivated to get them to a playground, and we made it by 10-ish to Central Market's lovely, shaded, breezy playscape. It was like a toddler festival there, and my kids played nice and hard for about thirty minutes, then they would wander over to me (listening to iPod and working sudoku puzzle I'm addicted to) and say they were hot. I encouraged them to have a drink and get back to running so they would use up some of their boundless energy. Finally they started begging me to go shopping inside Central Market, so I considered it a win/win, since they were on good behavior while I shopped --so that I wouldn't make them go play again!

They are really great in stores now. Fun to have as company. This last year has made a big difference in their self control. I saw some of the toddlers' mommies chasing after their kids who were tired, hungry and running amok....ahhh, memories....We ate samples for lunch and I let my three pick out candy.....ahhh, big kids.

Then we had a fun outing with our favorite teacher at Teo's gelatto. All of us had been looking forward to our get together. Yummy treats and someone that mommy and the kids love to talk to. I sort of feel like I've lost my social life since I don't get to visit with all the parents and teachers at the end of school each day. It is nice to be with a grownup and find out that I still have the ability to hold an adult conversation.

Top that off with a fun and satisfying tap class tonight and it was a very good Monday around here today. We are spending this summer reviewing dance steps we've learned the last couple of years, so my old brain is getting a break from learning new stuff. I'm trying to fine tune things I supposedly learned this last year. And I'm trying to stop faking some of the hard stuff. Sometimes I'll strap on the shoes at home and try to show David something, and it sounds really bad. I make three unrhythmic clicks on a step that should have five rhythmic ones. And I'm just sure David is mentally calculating the investment he's made in my little hobby, wondering why I'm not a little better. It just sounds perfect when you are one of 6 tappers in a room a little less so when you dance solo. But I love it no matter how it sounds. When is one of my friends reading this going to get off their butt and take a class with me!!!???

Yep, a great day.

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Elisa said...

Hmmm wondering if thats the only thing David is thinking when he watches you tap dance.....Just kidding, dance on sister!