Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Big Four-Oh

I have to say, turning 40 is one of the most fun things I've ever done.

I had a superb day today. Actually, I have to consider that my birthday celebration started during the wonderful par-tay weekend with my girlfriends. They gave me the gift I'd specifically asked them for, a cookbook of their best recipes. I've made three lovely dinners so far, Tilapia with Mango Salsa (Julie's), that pretty chicken number that I posted photos of, and Chicken Picata (both Mary's). I can't wait for Earthquake Cake, Parker Puffs, and Bourbon Baked Beans (thanks Missy). The girls also bought a cake for Julie and me and then let me take home the extra. Yeah!

Fast forward to today's celebrating. I woke up to two nice emails. Found out my baby brother gave me panties for my birthday! (It was a gift card, actually, he works for Victoria's Secret), called my sister who shares my birthday, got new clothes which I'm currently wearing from my wonderful "boss", got flowers delivered to me by a neat friend, and got treated well by the kids I dress each day and send to school.

Later, some birthday cards, phone calls, and my Brownie meeting. The moms had been acting suspicious for a week or so, and today I found out why. They gave me a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant and a babysitting coupon! So, that fulfilled my second birthday wish, a date with my husband.

Then tonight was tap class, always a treat. I have to admit, I feel my age on tap night. It's not because it's hard physically, I love the tapping. It's just that I have no memory. We've been working on our recital dance since Christmas and I'm starting to lose the little I actually had remembered up until now. But that's another story.

My third birthday wish, an iPod-mini is about five minutes away. As soon as Emma finishes her spelling words (it's still a school night) we eat my favorite chocolate sheet cake, and open the gift I've been not-so-subtly hinting at for weeks.

All this happiness and there's still more to come, I'm heading out for girl time on Saturday afternoon with several friends who make my life easier and more fun. We'll drink Margaritas! (and Mom is paying!)

Tomorrow is my 10th Wedding Anniversary, Sunday is Mother's Day.

I love my life.


deb said...

A Tauras as well!
Thank you for the comment on my photoblog. It made my day!

deb said...

Taurus...oops, did i mention I am rotten at typing?