Friday, May 13, 2005

my sweet ride

First off, once I start reading people's blogs, I want some fresh news DAILY. (are you listening, sisters?) Anyway, so now I sort of feel a nagging sensation to write some bit of junk each day to keep my legions of fans happy.

A few weeks ago I made reference to my red Subaru wagon, and I intended to post a photo of it (with my political stickers on back) right away. I've almost feel like I've been neglecting my car by not making good on that promise (am I weird, or what?) and I still can't post a photo today. The only time I remember to take a picture is when I'm typing late at night, and you know, it's dark out there.

But I do have a significant photo of the interior of my car. It was the instant she rolled 100,000 miles. I was driving the kids up to Mom and Dad's and we were on I35 North. I decided that the moment the odometer rolled over I'd do something significant, like take a photo and name the car. So, behold the photo, and know that my car is named Ruby. The kids were very underwhelmed as we had the naming ceremony, and I think Julie's term for me when I got to the Metroplex was "dork" or something like that. Mom and Dad just pointed out how dangerous it is to take a photo while driving the car.